Simpson Family Fox Island Maternity Photographer / Wind + Bird Photography

This sweet little Fox Island beach is an absolute dream and these people are even dreamier! Over here, impatiently waiting for that sweet baby to make his debut so in the mean time I’ll share some favorites from this very perfect session with this trio soon to be foursome!

So, of course Anella looks completely stunning, I mean truly! This cute little cove on Fox Island is a adorable little hidden treasure with some pretty views & lots of tiny crabs!

aaaaand just honestly the best sequence I have ever shot in my entire life. I’ve never been more proud! ahahaha!

Wind + Bird Photography – Jessamyn Rasmussen / Gig Harbor & Fox Island Maternity Photographer

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Sean, Karissa & Harvey // Boise Family Photographer Wind + Bird Photography

Cutest Boise family session ever

So, just the best family and the best session in Boise! I met Sean & Karissa a few years ago when I had the pleasure of documenting their wedding day. Now to document this new season with baby Harvey, what a treat!!

These three though, ok. Can we just talk about this for a second? Sean & Karissa are the sweetest, kindest people and that baby is SO HAPPY. First things first, he’s filled with smiles. I’m so happy I got to see them during our trip back home! Thanks for having me guys!

Wind + Bird Photography Jessamyn Rasmussen / Family Photography

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Nick & Lauren // Fox Island Couples Session // wind + bird photography

Fox Island, smooth water, sunset and honest love.

This evening with Nick & Lauren on Fox Island was as great as it sounds. I met these two last fall when I documented some sweet moments of them with their three sweet boys. I saw their love then and I see it now. That full wildness and been through so much together love.

I love how emotional and easy this session was, I love being able to tell someone to just do what feels right. Everything just falls right in place when there is honest love and sweet moments.

The light during this session, whoa. We don’t see so much of the sun here in Washington, but when we do it really shows off! Then, the sweetest little beach on Fox Island was just the cherry on top!

Fox Island Engagement
washington beach session

Wind + Bird Photography Jessamyn Rasmussen / Couples Photographer

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